Monday, January 6, 2020

The Importance Of Athletic Programs On High School Students

The Importance of Athletic Programs to High School Students Athletics provide students with crucial experiences and opportunities in their lives. When faced with difficult obstacles, students will be able to apply their experiences in order to overcome challenges. These important activities allow students to gain motivation to continue participating in their sport, and supply athletes with essential skills, including focus and self-confidence. High school sports can teach a student important life lessons, such as cooperation and determination, which will benefit them in the real world, not only as teenagers, but as adults as well. Many students, however, do not have the option to play sports at their schools because of lack of financing†¦show more content†¦Students learn to work hard with teammates for a common goal, to win a game or even a championship. Not only are athletes more willing to cooperate with others, but they will spend more of their time in athletics rather than in leisure, displaying their strong work ethics. The US Soccer Foundation revealed how a challenging yet supportive coach helps girls take risks, develop self-confidence, teaches them to speak up and stand up for themselves, and supports them through the rocky road of adolescence (USSF). This demonstrates the importance of youth sports, and how starting athletics at a young age may improve student lives in the long run. They have the ability to bond with teammates and can improve their social skills, perseverance, and increase their confidence. Athletics provides students more opportunities to improve their behavior while also gaining experiences and opportunities necessary for their future lives. Funding for athletics has seen a steady decline across America, typically with no reasoning for the cuts. According to a study by the Small School Athletic League, 32% of schools in urban New York do not even have a single sports team, and for those with sports programs, about 32% of students are not provided with sufficient funding for their athletics (SSAL). This substantiates how important it is that students are provided with athletic funds, and it exposes the lack of funding throughout the United States. In Massachusetts,

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